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1 Day Retreats

Ever wanted a retreat experience but not sure what to expect, or able to commit to an overnight stay? Our day retreats are just the thing!

Coming soon to Chateau de la Basmaignee, Lilac 42 will be running a limited number of bespoke day experiences specially created for you as an introduction to meditation and mindfulness, all delivered in the beautiful rural French countryside.


The day starts with a mood boosting smoothie and warm welcome from our retreat team before Diane takes an individual aura image to capture your energy condition. This will then be compared to another image taken at the end of the day to see what energy changes have taken place.


Valerie will then take you through the principles of mindful meditation including the practice of gratitude journaling and a series of practical exercises to equip you with the foundations to embed in your daily life.


We break up your day with a nutritious and nourishing vegetarian lunch lovingly prepared for you by our hospitality team.


Mindful walking takes place after lunch to allow you to consciously connect with nature and discover the healing powers of Forest bathing. This ritual originated in Japan in the 1980’s and involves being calm and quiet amongst the trees.


We round your day off with an energy healing workshop where Diane will introduce you to the different energy systems in your body, aura colour and chakras, the power of the pendulum and how you can harness this in your everyday wellness ritual.


Our final gift to you will be a fabulous goody bag of Lilac 42 toiletries which have been hand chosen by us for their mood enhancing properties.


All our products are natural formulations, against animal testing and parabens and GMO free.


All our retreat days will follow social distancing guidelines and your safety and well-being are our number one priority. Spaces are therefore limited to 8.


This fantastic day retreat is available for a limited time for just €125.00 per person. Book Now

4 Day Retreats

Our 4 day retreat experience is perfect for those of you who wish to gain a deeper understanding of mindfulness and meditation, or indeed you may have been on one of our day retreats and wish to build on that foundation.


The residential retreat follows a similar theme to our 1 day package but offers a more in-depth and enhanced experience to allow you to fully immerse yourself in this opportunity for self reflection and personal development.


Daily workshops take place over the 4 days and include yoga, mindful meditation, silent practice and forest bathing. Also included are a number of Energy healing sessions to enable you to gain an understanding of how blockages may be impacting on your vitality and overall wellbeing.


Our 4 day retreat offers a balance of structured workshops and free time to allow you to make the most of your stay in the rural French countryside, and our team are on hand to help you tailor your experience to your individual needs. 

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